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Using Neuroscience to build a more resilient, positive and healthier version of you.

Dr Kim Hazendonk (Melbourne, Australia) is a Clinical Neuropsychologist and published author with over 20 years of experience, specialising in the neuroscience of wellbeing, resilience and their positive impact on leadership effectiveness and employee engagement. 


Kim has a special interest in gender equality and envisions a world where women and men enjoy the same rights, resources and opportunities. 

Kim's passion and expertise...

Kim is particularly passionate about helping hard working professionals become more effective through building great leadership capability whilst finding balance with healthy lifestyle choices. Her Clinical Psychology background and unique knowledge of the interplay between cognition, emotions and behaviour enables her to work with individuals and teams addressing all aspects of their professional and personal lives.


With over 20 years of corporate and consulting experience in Australia, Canada, Singapore and the United Kingdom, Kim has consulted to CEOs and senior executives with some of the region’s largest and most successful organisations across all major industries.



In 2023 Kim has been engaged to coach senior partners across APAC as part of Deloitte’s Elite Development Program 2023. She delivered ‘Retrain your Brain’ masterclasses at the Department of Defence to build resilient and psychologically safe workplace cultures and teams.


This year, Dr Kim became a regular on Disrupt Radio’s ‘Entrepreneur Her’ hosted by Moana Hope, speaking about positive mental health and empowering women. Kim presented ‘the psychology of high performance’ to 150 delegates at Golf & PGA Australia’s national conference.


Kim was a guest panelist at a Heat Event Scenario hosted by the City of Dandenong addressing the impacts of climate change and advising various agencies of the effect of heat on the thinking brain.


Kim was a keynote speaker for Women in Leadership forums as well as business networks across South East Melbourne. Kim continues a 7-year run as a senior coach with The Engaging Executive, helping technical experts become ‘leaders worth following.’  


Kim is an AHPRA registered psychologist with an endorsement in Clinical Neuropsychology. 


Qualifications include a Bachelor of Behavioural Science, a Graduate Diploma in Health Psychology and a Doctor of Psychology (Clinical Neuropsychology). 


Kim also works as an Associate with multiple organisations including the Australian Institute of Management (AIM), Melbourne Business School (MBS), The Myers-Briggs Company, SHL, and the Engaging Executive.


Kim holds certifications in tools from SHL (OPQ, MQ, abilities), Saville Wave, Hogan (HPI, HDS & MVPI), Everything DiSC, The Myers-Briggs Company (MBTI, CPI 260, EQi & 16PF).

Proud to partner with clients including:

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