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The Neuroscience of successful leadership


Supportive leadership, as well as positive well-being and optimistic mindsets, are key to outstanding job performance.

Most of us intuitively know what worldwide research now supports – that well-being, optimism and supportive leadership predict outstanding job performance.


The B Well Coalition exists to support the leadership of organisations to create mentally well workplaces. Research in 2023 into how to proactively create a positive mental wellbeing culture in the workplace revealed that of the top 10 drivers of a mental wellbeing culture in Australian organisations, 7 fell under the domain of ‘leadership’.
(‘Our State of Mind’ National Report 2023, prepared by Ipsos and B Well coalition).

This program has been designed for leaders who want to leverage the latest science-based research and learn proven strategies to build optimism and enhance performance in themselves and those around them. Neuroscience holds the key to understanding how we make decisions, how we can positively influence others and how we can realise our full potential. 

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