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High stress events and decision making

Overcoming decision impairment in a high risk event.

Heatwaves kill more Australians than any other weather-related event and they are going to occur more often and with greater severity. 

The health impacts of heat stress and heat stroke significantly undermine a person's ability to make effective decisions, to follow simple instructions, and to respond appropriately. The personal and community costs can be catastrophic.

Ensuring your staff understand the common cognitive and psychological impairments in a heat event, or other high stress events, prepares them to respond in ways that minimises risks to themselves and members of the public.

In this workshop, Neuropsychologist Dr Kim Hazendonk will cover:

  • The psychological signs of acute stress and the need for early action

  • The impairments in thinking that are common and how that increases risk of harm

  • How we make better decisions given the impact on our cognition


Agencies who ensure their staff are equipped with the latest scientific knowledge and the right tools to act, will be better equipped to respond at the time when an educated and calm approach is absolutely vital.

Image by Simran Sood
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