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By Dr Kim Hazendonk

A simple biohack that might just help clear up your brain fog.

I made a very simple change to my life today that I am quite sure my brain will be very happy about.

The brain is 75% water by weight. Even mild dehydration can cause brain fog, tiredness and mood swings. Chronic dehydration can bring on headaches, irritability, dizziness and even short-term memory loss. Physical signs of mild dehydration can include food cravings (so THAT explains my chocolate addiction), dry skin, bad breath and muscle cramps.

We lose approximately 2 litres of water every day just through simply existing. Studies show that approximately three quarters of adults are dehydrated, and I doubt I am in the healthy 25%.

I attended a Tony Robbins ‘Unleash the Power Within’ conference a few years back. He is a very passionate and inspirational speaker, he has worked with some of the most successful people in the world, and… he is big on water and hydration. And if Tony says it, it must be true.

“When you incorporate hydration into your daily routine, you’ll have more energy and focus to achieve your goals”

— Tony Robbins

So…drink lots of water. And if you don’t like water, you can try coconut water (which provides electrolytes), green drinks (which provide vitamins and minerals) and green tea (which has antioxidants that are good for the brain). Avoid soft drinks, alcohol, coffee and energy drinks (wait, coffee? What?!). They are packed with sugar and caffeine, which contribute to dehydration.

You might be wondering, as I was, how much H2O is optimal per day. Everyone is different and it depends on things like exercise.

As a guide, men need 3.7 litres per day, and women 2.7 litres.

And yes, it may very well increase your daily trips to the bathroom. While you’re there, you can perform a highly scientific experiment to check your hydration levels – if your urine is clear or pale straw colour, that’s a good sign.

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