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Rewire your Brain


Learn evidence-based techniques to rewire the brain and make healthier connections that promote wellness and success in work and life.

Realise your full potential

When people work in mentally healthy environments, they typically feel more valued and willing to contribute to their teams and organisations. They are able to be their best selves at work and to bring their best selves home to friends and family.

With increased life stressors and job demands, neuroscience holds the key to living life to its fullest. Our brains are continually changing based on our experiences and where and what we choose to give our limited attention.

By learning practical techniques based on the latest research, participants will be enabled to improve their mindset, increase job performance, and boost overall life satisfaction and well-being.

Participants will learn:

  • How mindset can impact performance in work and life

  • How to build emotional intelligence and confidence

  • How to release more of the brain’s happy chemicals

  • How to process information to improve relationships

  • How to train the brain towards more positive thinking


After this masterclass, participants will walk away with practical tips that they can put to immediate use, all based on the latest neuroscientific research and positive psychology.


Participants who have completed the program have rated it 10 out of 10.

Comments include:

"Extremely useful and insightful",


"Kim was so engaging, relatable and approachable”


“the information opened our minds to a new way of thinking”


“highly recommend this course! It covers everything extremely well and was very beneficial”


“just loved it and felt like I learnt something and wanted to run with it”

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